"Thinking about a better tomorrow requires today´s action."


The ImWind group is convinced that a long-term solution of the energy question is one of our core challenges within this century. Securing our standard of living is only possible with a transition to alternative energy sources.
Once conventional energy resources are depleted, it will be too late.
The ImWind group is driven by the conviction, that the transformation in energy use has to be affordable and socially compatible. That is why the group supports the continued development of technologies with research projects in the areas of energy production, energy storage and energy efficiency.


To be able to implement these innovative projects, transparency and communication is essential. Therefore the ImWind group always tries to maintain an open communication with all participants from the beginning of new project.

The positive, dynamic development of a company is highly dependent on the motivaton of its employees. The Imwind group team consists of people contributing their creativity, engagement and competence day after day to a sensible shaping of the future of energy production.

Future-Oriented Technology


Saving precious resources, the utilisation of renewable energy for the production of electricity is a future-oriented technology. Therefore our limited oil, coal and natural gas resources can be preserved for future generations for more sensible use.
The renewable energy of wind, water and sun, which is all we use, do not cause any harmful emissions in their operation and can make a valuable contribution to slowing down and stopping climate change. It makes the highly dangerous utilisation of nuclear energy unnecessary.
Our systems for the utilisation of renewable energy - such as wind energy systems - can be deconstructed quickly without any remains as soon as they are no longer needed.

Free Raw Materials


The resources of renewable energy - wind, water and sun - are free of charge and available without limitations. Since they are not subject to any price fluctuations, they are essential not only for industrial, but primarily for emerging and developing nations, given the steadily growing demand for energy. Only with these forms of energy, electricity can be kept at constant prices and will still be affordable for future generations.

Water, wind and sun can be used in all regions of the world. There is not such an irregular distribution as there is with fossil or nuclear fuels. 

Creating New Jobs


The utilisation of renewable energy strengthens regional economic cycles and creates new jobs locally.