Hydro-electric power plant Racatau 1,5 MW

Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, Racatau is a district in the Romanian federal state of Cluj. Due to already existing, bigger hydroelectric power stations excellent possibilites regarding grid connection  can be found in this area.  The ImWind Group idientified the attractiveness of the local circumstances and gave the starting signal for the development and consequently, for the implementation of the "Racatau" project. In specific, it concerns the construction and operation of a small hydroelectric power station with a capacity of 1.5 MW and its cabling connection to the Romanian grid.

With the water catchment, which is located 1,145m above sea level and the electrical powerhouse at an altitude of 1,025m, a stream gradient of 120m can be reached. Electrial energy is obtained by using a three-phase synchronous generator from Hitzinger (1,800 kVA), powerd by a six-nozzle Pelton turbine. Consequently, the electrical energy is transformed down to 20 kV and transported 1000km by means of an underground cable to the transformer station where it is feed to the 20kV grid.

Since November 2013 the power station is successfully in operation. The middle annual production will be over 6 Mio. kWh.

407365 Racatau, Rumania