Windpark Großhofen, 6 x Enercon E82 2.3 MW

In September of 2009, the municipality of Großhofen decided to change the regional planning program and thus laid the foundation for the Windpark Großhofen. In spring of 2010, ImWind Operations GmbH and Ecowatt Erneuerbare Energien GmbH were commissioned with the preparation of the EID (Environmental Impact Declaration). In November of 2010, the official permission for the wind park became legal.

In the end of 2012 all 6 plants of type Enercon E-82 E2 were successfully put into test operation. Therefore, ImWind produces at this place 230 times more energy as the 91 inhabitants of the village wil consume in a year.

The Windpark Großhofen represents one of the largest wind energy projects granted permission to date in the Vienna power supply area.

2282 Großhofen, Austria