Breaking new ground


The history of the ImWind began in Pottenbrunn near St. Pölten in 1994, when DI Johannes Trauttmansdorff took over the family-run agricultural and forestry business. Motivated by an ecological conscience and a desire for innovation Johannes soon came up with the idea of combining agricultural and energy business. He decided to focus on renewable energy production based on water, wind and solar ressources.

The beginning of "Windlicht erneuerbare Energieerzeugungs GmbH"

The family owned estate near St. Pölten seemed especially suitable for wind energy production. In 1995 the first wind park project was initiated and along with it - together with his partner and neighbouring farmer Karl Weiß - the company Windlicht erneuerbare Energieerzeugungs GmbH was founded.

Johannes was convinced that the production of energy from renewable ressources could play an important role in the overall energy production. His conviction became an ongoing motor for new projects in different markets. 

From the first wind park to the ImWind group


In 1998, the Pottenbrunn wind park was realised. With 5 Enercon turbines - 500 kW each - it remained the largest wind park in Lower Austria for a long time.
In 2000, the Windlicht GmbH expanded the Pottenbrunn site by 2 additional turbines and developed the windparks Stattersdorf, Kleinhain, Langmannersdorf and Pottenbrunn IV in the St. Pölten region. In addition to that ImWind was acting as co-shareholder of the wind parks Eschenau, Bruck an der Leitha and Stockerau and the German wind park Glaubitz. After all Windlicht assets were transferred to WEB Windenergie AG in 2001 and Johannes respectively his holding company became one of the larger WEB shareholders.

From 1998, Johannes Trauttmansdorff - both on his own and with different companies and shareholdings that were later bundled in ImWind - developed wind energy projects in Upper Austria, Styria and Burgenland, in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain, whereas some projects took more than 10 years of project development. The ImWind group developed wind park projects with a capacity of over 300 MW until 2010. Several projects were sold, some were operated jointly with partners, and about 35 MW remained in the company´s ownership. 

Construction of the highest wind park in the world


A significant milestone in the development of the ImWind company group was the construction of the highest wind park in the world. The Tauernwindpark Oberzeiring, long deemed to be unrealisable, was put into operation in 2002, being the highest wind park in the world at that time. After the installation of an Enercon E-92 (2,3 MW) in 2013 it currently has an installed total output of 25.05 MW.

Real estate and district heating


Aside from renewable energy, the Trauttmansdorff´sche Liegenschafts GmbH has been developing real estate projects in the St. Pölten region since 1999. Based on unprocessed wood chips the Zündholz Genossenschaft has been providing heating and warm water for central buildings in Pottenbrunn such as a school, a nursing home and cooperative flats since 2000.

2009: Start of a new chapter


In 2009 Johannes Trauttmansdorff, Gabriel Schweiger and Thomas Huemer founded together ImWind Elements GmbH, which covers all activities of ImWind group in the area renewable energy. ImWind Elements became the holding company for the ImWind portfolio.

Stephan Parrer and Richard Distl completed the new ImWind team and took over responsibilities for planning and technical operation. Aside from Pottenbrunn an additional office was opened up in Vienna. This created the basis for further growth.

Since 2009 windpower projects of 440 MW were developed for the ImWind Portfolio in Austria. In addition, 250 MWs have been developed for partners.

At the moment ImWind operates approximately 350 MW wind energy, further 50 MW will be put into operation until 2019.